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How we started


A 10 year old girl from Goleta, CA made her first funfetti bundt cake with her grandmother.   From that point on, baking became a passionate hobby.  At the age of 18, her dream was to attend Culinary School to become a pastry chef however, her parents were not too thrilled about this idea.  Baking was always considered a hobby rather than a potential career.  The Dream of opening a bakery was put on the back burner and was almost forgotten.  As she went on and obtained her degree in Criminal Justice, she knew that this wasn't the path she wanted to pursue for the rest of  her life.  


In 2013, we started out baking cute bite sized cookies for fun again and then quickly grew into a business on the rise.   Super Chunk is definitely a uniqueness of it's own.  Our goal is simple, we use the basic ingredients that bring out the flavors that remind us all of the big kid in us.  Once you try one, you will truly be addicted to these soft, light, melt in our mouth treats.

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